Who is Murat Bozoğlu?

Who is Murat Bozoğlu?

murat bozoğlu
murat bozoğlu

Murat Bozoglu

Murat Bozoğlu is born in 1971 in Trabzon.

Murat Bozoğlu He graduated from business administration in England.

Murat Bozoğlu speaks English and French.

Murat Bozoğlu is a businessman from Trabzon.

Murat Bozoğlu has served as a Board Member at Trabzonspor.

Murat Bozoğlu’s father, Utku Bozoğlu, also served in the administration of Trabzonspor.

Murat Bozoğlu; The TRNC operates the Cratos Premium Hotel-Casino-Port-Spa, located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Girne city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Murat Bozoğlu’s father Utku Bozoğlu’s management duties in Trabzonspor

Utku BOZOĞLU has been moved to Trabzonspor administration by “Trabzon Municipality and Trabzonspor Club President Suat OYMAN”.

1972 – 73: Member

1973 – 74: Member

1975 – 75: General Captain, first year in the first league.

1975 – 76: Member

1977 – 78: Member

1978 – 79: Member

1979-80: Member, Vice President of “Financial Affairs” five months later.

For more detailed information about Cratos Premium Hotel-Casino-Port-Spa operated by Trabzon businessman Murat Bozoğlu, you can reach the hotel’s official website at http://www.cratospremium.com/.

cratos murat bozoğlu
cratos murat bozoğlu

Cratos Premium Hotel-Casino-Port-Spa

The Cratos Premium Hotel has 246 standard rooms, including a double bed (double) and twin beds (two separate beds). Poolside Club Standard rooms are also suitable for enjoying spectacular views and comfort.

Las Vegas-specific showcases on the exclusive scene, direct access to the Casino from the King Suite, VIP playrooms where you can play comfortably are just a few of the privileges Cratos Premium brings to the island.

Cratos Premium Spa restores your body and mind and makes you feel refreshed and refreshed while applying Far Eastern massages and classical massages applied by local and foreign expert massage therapists.

There is no age limit on Huckleberry …

There are dozens of games waiting for you at the Huckleberry Game Room, one of our venues where you can sip a cup of coffee and have fun at the same time.

For children, teens and adults who like to play games, the Huckleberry Game Room is open from 12:00 noon until 24:00.

You can have fun with double-band bowling, playstation tournaments, electronic darts, billiards and fun games. Birthday celebrations are also held at the Huckleberry Game Hall.

The most fun, different beach and nightclub in the Mediterranean!
The Cage Club in Port Cratos is a fun and diverse nightclub not only in Cyprus but also in the entire Mediterranean with its different concept. Percussion shows, performances of special artists, different dance and stage performances are included in the Cage Club, and beach parties are also being held in different concepts.

The Cage Club serves in the summer season.

In order to provide you with a safer service to our clubs, reservation and entry conditions are required.



The mystery of the earth meets the fun of the waters. Everything imagined turns into a Golden Cage!

While Lebanese cuisine offers a variety of delicious appetizers, it also brings you the most famous tastes unique to Cyprus.

Since the day Golden Cage opened, it has struck its mark on the entertainment industry. In the past years, the space has been the focus of not only Cyprus but also the jet society and many artists from Turkey.



Located on the sea, the tiny island COCO BONGO has a view of the sea and the Taurus with its designed cabins specially designed for you in Las Vegas … While you sip your cocktail with a gentle breeze, our team will experience you in this fascinating environment. Whether you are renting for a day or a season, you can enjoy the sea and the sun in your heart, and you can bring your favorite dishes from our restaurants and bars.

Coco Bongo serves in the summer season.